Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

The Occupational Safety and Health Policy are to protect employees and others at our various workplaces from work.

Icon Projects Limited is committed to:

  • We are committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements, codes, standards, and guidelines.
  • Our priority is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, subcontractors, and visitors.
  • We have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for ensuring occupational safety and health.
  • Our objective is to eliminate work-related incidents related to our activities, products, and services, and to minimize the number of injuries and illnesses. We strive for zero accidents and injuries.
  • We use safe working systems and documented procedures, and we only use materials that are environmentally safe.
  • We actively seek input from our employees, contractors, and clients to improve our decision-making on occupational safety and health matters.

Icon Projects Limited is committed to ensuring that its activities do not compromise safety and health.

This commitment is a top priority for senior managers and is communicated to all personnel within the company.

Managers are responsible for implementing the Safety and Health Policy and ensuring that personnel under their control are provided with the necessary resources and training to comply with the Policy.

Employees are also responsible for taking care of their own safety and the safety of their fellow workers by following all safety procedures and reporting incidents to management.

All incidents, regardless of their severity, are reported to management to prevent future occurrences or minimize risk.

Emergency Procedures

Icon Projects Limited will consult with emergency services such as fire, ambulance, police, and local authorities as necessary. Given that fire tenders are not available in close proximity to the construction site, Icon will ensure that extinguishers containing dry chemical powder for all classes of fire and carbon dioxide for electrical fire, as well as sand buckets, are readily available on site.

During working hours, emergency services will access the site via the designated construction traffic route, and access will be maintained throughout the contract works. In the event that the designated route is closed, emergency services will use the existing road network.

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