Hydro Geological Surveys

Hydro Geological Surveys

At Icon Project Limited, we provide hydrogeological survey services that help individuals, businesses, and communities understand the nature of groundwater resources in their area. Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest technology and methods to collect data and analyze the hydrogeological conditions of a given location.


Our hydrogeological survey services include:

  1. Groundwater Resource Assessment: We assess the availability, quality, and sustainability of groundwater resources in a particular location.
  2. Borehole Drilling and Testing: We drill boreholes and conduct tests to determine the yield, quality, and recharge rate of the groundwater resources.
  3. Groundwater Modeling: We use advanced computer models to simulate the behavior of groundwater resources and predict the impact of various scenarios, such as increased usage or climate change.
  4. Water Well Design and Construction: We design and construct water wells based on the specific hydrogeological conditions of the area, ensuring efficient and sustainable water supply.
  5. Water Quality Testing: We conduct water quality tests to ensure that the groundwater resources are clean and safe for use.

Our hydrogeological survey services are available to various sectors, including agriculture, mining, residential areas, and more. We understand that reliable and sustainable access to groundwater resources is critical, and we are committed to providing our clients with the information and services they need to make informed decisions.

At Icon Project Limited, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing high-quality hydrogeological survey services to our clients. Our team of professionals has the necessary expertise to carry out various hydrogeological survey tasks, and we use state-of-the-art technology and methods to ensure accuracy and reliability. Contact us today to learn more about our hydrogeological survey services and how we can help you better understand your groundwater resources.


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